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Broadland Boat Club, Girlings Lane
Norwich, NR19 1JY



"stu's a geek, His hobbies and work are essentially the same thing............"

Stuart Moore - Trainer & Wheel Fitness Owner

This is how I'd imagine friends describing me.

It's true, in my spare time I like practising going faster on my bike. That could be trying to rail the same set of berms (which I've already ridden 15 times that morning) slightly quicker than the time before or smashing up Gas Hill on my road bike, again and again (it's a simple way to prepare for a week in the French Alpes). Away from the bike my time is spent researching and helping people to move more efficiently and get stronger.

Bikes of all types have been a major factor in my life since about the age of 5, the gym came later. 2000 as it happens was the year I started working in a local gym. That same year I started helping local legends Joey Gough and Ben Forwood. Looking back I was super lucky to be able to work with such talented riders so early on.

Today I have the ability to help loads more riders through the power of the tinternet and the Wheel Fitness Gym in Norwich. It's all about finding the most time efficient and effective methods to help each rider improve.

My t-shirt slogan would be.

Helping riders go faster since 2000.